Can't purchase
  • Hi
    I've been trying to purchase your addons but I keep getting the message...
    "Failed to Process
    We were unable to purchase your payment due to the merchant's configuration.
    You have not been charged"
  • Hi,

    Thanks for letting us know.

    A few payments have come through this morning so I'm not entirely sure what's happening. I can only suggest you try again and if you still have problems, let me know.

  • Still the same. Paypal or credit card I get the same answer.
    I'm in Australia. Does that make a diifference ?
  • Hi,

    It shouldn't make any difference you being in Oz. It might be worth trying in a different browser as we've not had any reports of similar problems.

  • using google chrome
  • Just tried microsoft edge. Same result.
  • Very strange. If you like you can send the payment via Paypal to: payment(at)

    Just click on Send payment in your Paypal control panel and enter the email above and let me know which addon/s you would like. It's less automated so you won't receive the file immediately but I'll email it over as soon as I can

    Hope that helps
  • Hi Neil,

    I too am in Australia and am getting the "process failed" after trying to purchase the popup contact form via PayPal. Can you advise how to pay for this, thanks!
  • Hi itsimm,

    Can you not manually send the payment via your Paypal and using the email address Neil has given the other user in his last post?

    The email address is abbreviated to avoid spam bots but you only need to change the (at) to @ and let him know the addon you require and I think that should sort the issue out with you being over the other side of the pond so to speak

    Hope this helps
  • Hi Mick,
    Have done as you suggested. Will wait for Neil to send.
    Thanks for your help.
  • Hi,

    Sorry I wasn't aware you were sending money this way so I haven't forwarded the file. I've just found your payment in Paypal so will forward the file shortly. Keep an eye out for it in your junk/spam folder!

    Thanks for buying :)

  • Hi Neil,
    Received file, thanks!
    All was going well until I received the "FTP Error", I don't have the option of "Create Subdirectory". I have created the accounts as per the instructions but cannot connect to the server.
    Maybe this is because I uploaded originally with Cyberduck as I could'nt do it in Webplus X7. I can send screenshots if you wish.
    Is it possible to do this in cPanel? The main directory is the "home" right at the top and all the folders underneath are subdirectories?
    As you can tell this is beyond my newbie skills!
  • Hi,


    If you're experiencing an FTP error then it can be a number of reasons, but unfortunately it's not something we can really help with. It would be worth getting in touch with your website host to see if they're aware of any problems and double check you're using the correct details to connect to the server.

    Sorry I can't be much more help than this.

  • ok, no problems. I'll give it a go in cpanel. Can you advise where I should place the "Contact Us" button in Webplus X7, eg, the master page or the index_html page.

  • Hi Ivan,

    If you want the button to display on all pages, it's easiest and best to add it to your Master Page.

  • Also as an extra piece of information to Neil's post with regards to the pop up contact form, please remember to create a folder called contact and upload the edited contact.php file to this directory, if this file sits anywhere else on the server, it probably wont work for you.

    Hope this helps also ;-)
  • Hi guys,
    thanks for your support. I have come up with a work-a-round for the contact form as it would not load onto the master page on WebplusX7.
    It's working well, looks good and the emails are coming through no probs.
    Overall, very happy with the whole experience.

    Thanks again Mick & Neil.
  • Our pleasure Ivan and thanks for the feedback ;-)
  • Hi

    I'm from Melbourne Australia. I can't make any purchases of the webplus addons. As I am having the same issue as the above people ie. ""Failed to Process
    We were unable to purchase your payment due to the merchant's configuration.
    You have not been charged" I want to purchase the Addons bundle package- that is 30 pounds. I have tried both credit card and paypal about 5 times nothing works, can you help me?
  • Hi,

    Once Neil picks up on this thread, I'm sure he will help with the processing of your order, thanks for your interest in the bundle pack and apologise for your initial problem via the purchase configuration.
  • Thanks Mick

    I look forward to somehow purchasing the bundle pack :)
  • Hi,

    I've been in touch with SendOwl who help process orders and send out files and they assure me it should be working now.

    If you have any problems, do let me know.

  • Thanks Neil!

    What ever SendOwl did worked, I have now purchased the addons bundle. So many awesome addons - I'm thrilled to pieces :D
  • Excellent, thanks very much for the update and purchase! :)

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