Issues with Mobile Menu Add-On
  • I am having issues with the Mobile menu. I follow the direction and paste the code in the html source(Master Page Body Start). My output was coming out wrong. The entire navigation not in the menu. They are outside of the menu. I believe am probably doing some wrong. Is there something am doing wrong? Thank you for your help

  • Hi,

    You would need to give us the url address of the problematic page/site so that we can view the source code and hopefully give you a solution, impossible to see where you are going wrong with nothing to see or work with.

    Hope this helps
  • Thank you for the reply . This is the url address :
  • The mobile menu doesn't exist on the site link you have given, either via script calls from the addons HTML frag (the addon itself) or via the code that should be implemented from the help file that comes with the addon.

    If you are referring to your actual MOBILE page, then I also cannot find this either from either the re-direct in your main page (shown below and would never work anyway with having 2 http requests)


    And I still can't see it if I remove one of the http requests, so unfortunately we are just not sure what and where we are supposed to be looking.

    If you adding this type of navigation to your normal site, please read through the help file fully and see if you have missed out any steps along the way, plus make sure you are dragging the asset file onto the page as well as adding the manual code you need.

    If you have added it to your mobile version only, then please provide a working valid link to the mobile site.

    Again, hope this helps
  • Right, on further investigation into this issue, I have managed to find your mobile site which happens to be here

    And as far as I can tell, the menu is working how it should do, however, you still have issues because some of your links are all over the place and some are using (same as my last response) double calls to various sections of code, the above refers to http being called twice but your mobile site is calling multiple file attributes such as this link

    <li><a href="m.connect.html.html">Connect</a>

    You can't call .html.html if your file is actually called m.connect.html

    I suggest you go through all your pages and name them accordingly and also make sure you are only calling 1 set of links and 1 set of file attributes, finally making sure that your code matches the file names EXACTLY because at the moment they are just a mish mash and very hard to follow and cannot do anything else but cause you problems.

    Hope this helps more
  • Thank you Mike, I will look into this and correct them. .
  • No worries ;-)

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