Neil Judges: Pro Template Collection 2 x 1
  • Hello. I purchased this template pack and have altered the travel agency template to my needs but I see on the original template there is a beach background on the sides of template but on mine it is just white. Can someone please help me.
  • Hi keving,

    The background is added using a 3rd party script.. You don't mention which version of WebPlus you're using but itf it's X7 the instructions are found by clicking the small yellow paper icon at the top of the screen. In X8 they should be in the Task Monitor. To save you looking any further I've pasted the instructions below:

    This template includes the Backstretch jQuery Plugin that allows background images to stretch to the size of the site visitors viewport. To add your own image click on Tools > Site Manager > File Manager and open the folder named 'backgrounds' Add your new image, it needs to be approximately 1000 x 800 pixels in size and file size of less than 200KBs if possible. Double click the HTML Code Fragment found at the top of the Master Page and update the image file path, ie. backgrounds/travel-bg1.jpg to point to your new image by replacing travel-bg1.jpg with the name of your new image. To have different images on each site page, simply move the HTML Code Fragment from the Master Page to each individual page and update the image reference in the code.

    If you have any questions, do let us know.

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