Pop Up contact form not showing special charcters
  • Hi, I have just bought the pop-up contact form addon.
    Everything works fine, I have figured out how to change the labels to my language (Czech), even how to edit the content of the email in the php script, but on the webpage it shows questionmarks instead of special characters used in my language (ěščřžýáíé).. The same think happens in the email, only the message it right.
    I was unable to figure it out. Is there anybody who could help me out?
  • Not 100% certain on this but I think it maybe down to UTF8 settings inside the PHP file and you would need to Google or research how to change the variants as we are not PHP coders ourselves here.

    Hope this helps a little
  • Thanks, I googled quite a lot, haha.. In the file it is set to UTF8, I tried to change it, harcodcoded it somewhere as $something = utf8_encode("..."), it worked partially (not all special characters worked) and I was not able to "repair" it all that way.. If there was somebody who understands PHP and my problem, I would be very glad! I can provide the php file to check..
  • Unfortunately we can't support PHP editing via this forum as we can only give basic support for the addons should they not work as intended, your request is above and beyond our means so you maybe better off asking this question over on the serif community forum where you will find a multitude of users only too willing to help (some very clever people there too, when it comes to various code languages)


    Hope this helps a little more

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