Trouble adding wpack
  • Hi
    I've just downloaded the addons bundle and unzipped all the files.
    I'm now trying to add one pack in Webplus X7 by clicking the Open icon in the Asset tab, navigating to the wpack-file and clicking "Open". Nothing appears in the list when I do this.
    Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  • Hi Ellen,

    Have a look at the second post in the thread link below which should help you with the loading of any of the Assets from the bundle pack

    Still have problems, let us know - Hope this helps ;-)
  • Thank you Mick... unfortunately... nothing seems to work... nothing appears in the list when I follow those instructions.
    I can add the wpack file by going to Assets > resource files > add
    But then I still can't add the Addon to my page...
  • oh... the problem seems to be only with the Caroussel Slider
    other wpack-files seem to work fine
  • Hi Ellen,

    Very strange you can add all the other files but not the carousel addon, maybe you have a corrupt file from the download.

    Upload the carousel zip file you have To My Dropbox Here and I will test it for you, if it fails to work, then I can send you a copy of a working carousel, upload a text file at the same time that contains your email address so you don't post it here, as it would probably then, get picked up by spam bots

    Hope this helps
  • Hi Mick,

    I forgot to upload the email-file you requested the first time. So I just uploaded both files again ;)
  • Hi Ellen,

    Please check the email address you sent me via the dropbox/pdf file

    Hopefully, all should now be good ;-)
  • Thank you Mick!
    I was able to add the file you sent me.
    But now I'm having trouble adding the section of HTML code to the body section :/
    I've pressed Alt-S, found the "page body start" part, but I can't copy or type any code there...
    Any idea what I'm doing wrong please?
  • Hi Ellen,

    If you locate the <!--Page Body Start--> code, place your cursor after the last > on that line and press enter on your keyboard, this should then create a new white editable area where you can then copy and paste the code given.

    Hope this helps
  • tnx!
    My cursor wasn't placed in the white area!
    Everything works fine now ;)
  • Excellent and thanks for the update ;-)

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