• Hello today I bought the Full Width Slider to use it as a "background slider" at the top of my page and behind the navigation menu and some text.

    Everything works perfectly except that when I change the effect from "slide" to "fade" the slider goes to the front of my page and I cant see the navigation menu and the text boxes that I added previously. I need the slider at the back and with the fade effect.
    How can I solve that?

    Also I wish to know how can I use the slider as a real background image (behind another bg images) that do not scrolls with page?

    Thank you.
  • Hi Nero,

    Thanks for buying :)

    Can you provide a link to the page in question so that we may take a look at the code?

  • I mean the slider should replace the panorama
  • Hey Neil I uploaded an example here x at the first the slider is working correctly but when it loads the 2nd image the slider goes to the front thank you
  • Hi,

    Thanks for providing your demo. I've just tested and I'm experiencing the same problem in X6 when using Fade. The only thing I can suggest would be to upgrade to X7 or X8 as this issue isn't present in these versions or use the Slide option rather than the Fade.

    I'm not even sure when this issue has been introduced as it has worked in the past... it's a bit puzzling to say the least.

  • Ok I'll do that thank you!
  • You're welcome, and I'm sorry there's no easy fix!
  • Hi again I downloaded webplus x7 and unfortunately the slider still at the front using the "fade" option and when I use the "slide" option the slider is on the back but the hyperlinks highlights are not working. Anyways I really dont want to use the slide option.
    Wish to request a refund.
    Thank you
  • Hi Nero,

    I think the reason this issue hasn't been raised is that it's unusual to want to have something sit directly over the slider. What is it you're adding that needs to sit over the images? There's possibly a workaround we can offer.


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