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  • Hi,

    I, like many it seems, am struggling with the Thumbnails in this Addon. I only get a grey bar , no images. I corrected the spelling of 'thumbContainer' (2 instances) and lost the grey bar but the images apperared and in fact suited my purpose better (I feel).

    However it would be useful to sort the problem out.

    Also is it possible to:
    Change the 'dark grey' boxes and image frames to a different colour?
    Can the 'links' be opened in a new tab, not the existing tab.?
    Can I put another 'Portfolio' below the one as shown on the website for other 'Groups of services'

    Other than that, like always, a superb product by a great team....

    Many thanks

  • Rob,

    You should not have corrected the spelling of thumbContainter to thumbContainer because everything set within the css files and js files point to this class ID name and therefore, if renaming it to something else, you will break the addon, thumbContainter is by design and changing it removes the default layout of the addon.

    With regards to not showing your thumbnails, you have to make sure that each section only has data for the amount of images and sections you are using, the default addon uses 8, you have now halved it to 4, therefore, anything over 4 in any of the sections for thumbs/medium/large plus also the caption sections must now all represent 4.

    I have downloaded all your 4 images for each of the thumbs/medium/large and added them to the correct folders within the main folder of folio, after removing unnecessary code now not needed for the default 8 and everything works as it should do without any issues.

    There are certain elements you can change colour wise via the custom css added to the html frag box and all begin with .pg_ if you need any other changes, publish to disk rather than publish to web and then locate the animated-portfolio-styles.css file where you can edit away any other changes you need, save the file out to the same name, and delete the original using the file manager and add back your newly edited one to the same place you delete the original file from.

    With regards to adding more than one animated portfolio to the same page, this wouldn't be possible due to class calls being replicated and also how this addon "should" work with a full thumbnail bar down the left hand side of the page.

    Hope this helps a little more
  • Mick,

    As per normal with the team, a clear, perfect answer that even I could follow...

    Mant thanks

  • Hi again,

    with regard to opening the links in a new tab. Any suggestions?


  • Can't be done Rob due to how the calls are being made via the default code of this particular addon, the medium images MUST call the larger to the same div container, however, you "Can" make any text hyperlinks within the captions open in a new window by changing something like this:

    <a href="">Visit Website</a></p>

    By adding target=_blank to the above:

    "" target="_blank">Visit Website</a></p>

    Hope this helps
  • Perfect, works like a charm...

  • My pleasure Rob, thanks for the update ;-)

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