Full Width Slider alt text
  • Hello team,
    Is it possible to add an alt text to the photos in the Full Width slider?

    I also run the Nivo slider and noticed that there is a possibility to add alt text.

  • Full width slider
  • Not sure Henk if adding more code to give you alternative text within the slider would break the functionality of it but there is certainly caption text available, not at my normal work place at the moment but I'm sure Neil could update you better sometime tomorrow.

    Hope this helps a little in the meantime ;-)

    EDITED: I couldn't find a way to add alt text to the full width slider Henk (unlike the Nivo Slider) due to how the code has been implemented for this particular addon
  • Alright, that's clear.
    I tried several options but they all failed and hoped that you had the magic answer.

    Perhaps an future update for this awesome slider.

    Thanks for your answer though.

  • Perhaps, but it doesn't look likely. Certainly make sure any other images on your page have alt text added to them ;)

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