text rotator add on
  • I am trying to create a non-repeating fadeInUp by replacing the text rotator addons html ...
    animationIn: "rollIn",
    animationOut: "rollOut"

    animationIn: "fadeInUp"

    can't get it to work at all.
    All I want is a single word which fades in and up ...
  • You can certainly get a single word to work with the animationIn: "fadeInUp" but what I don't think you can do is to create a non-repeating animation, the addon wasn't designed or created as a single non-repeating rotator and without major re-coding of the javascript and/or css files, the addon can only repeat the word/s and animation you set.
  • Iron Gym Template <<<br />what I am trying to achieve is the way the page Title(Heading) appears as a pop up in the Iron Gym Template (top left of page) - ie "About, Facilities" etc. when the page is opened.

    I have bought lots of your templates and addons ... this is a nice feature.
  • Geoff, the Iron Gym Template doesn't use the text rotator addon and actually uses a basic Webplus slider that has better functionality in the X8 version of Webplus.

    The addons here only provide things that webplus in the early days didn't provide and hence used to enhance sites made with versions like X6/X7 plus a few other things that webplus still doesn't provide in X8.

    So the answer to your question is "Yes" it can be done directly within Webplus but you "Can't" change the way the addon works I'm afraid.

    Hope this helps
  • I couldn't see the wood for the trees ... all the time I am thinking Qjery or CSS ... and the answer was there in a standard slider "from bottom" using a blank text frame and a defined text frame.

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