Background Gallery and Sliders
  • Serif WebPlus X7
    Sorry, I just know this has been asked before, but I cannot find the thread.
    Background Gallery works fine. However it hides a slider which appears on the same page.

    I have added z-index 10; with no affect.

  • Hi Geoff,

    We would probably need a link to the offending site/page to be able to look at the source code and hopefully debug it for you, with nothing to see or work with, it's like asking us how long a piece of string is.

    I've just used WPX7 here, added the background gallery to a new blank page and configured the default 3 images for it, then I added a slider asset from within Webplus and everything works fine with no issues.
  • goodness, you are up and about early Mick,
    thanks for the reply ...
    I will take another look at this then.

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