Preloader issue
  • My preloader page is loading the black screen but not the preloading spinner:
    See here:
  • That's probably down to manual code you have added to the master page

    I see this both in the code and also top left of your actual site page

    div id="loader-wrapper">

    It should be

    <div id="loader-wrapper">

    So you are missing the opening < tag

    That may get it working and also remove the text seen on the top left of your page
  • hi. i added the opening tag and the spinner is now there but after it opens all of my content displays and then dissapears.
  • I have no idea why your content gets removed once the preloader has finished loading, maybe it has something to do with how you are calling things using code for the shopify function.

    Unfortunately we can't help with regards to third party applications and can only support our addons via this forum, if you need more help with Webplus and why other things are not working, you may need to ask in the Webplus support forum of Serif via -

    Hope this helps
  • What happens if you remove the page preloader script, is the page content still there? If so I'd say this is something to do with the page preloader and we'll need to take a look.

  • Neil,

    If I copy all the users shopify code from a source view and add it via ALT+S to the body of the page and then add the pre-loader addon, everything works as it should do and both the preloader works as well as all the carts t-shirt sales. This however only works and shows the content via a default page width of 960px wide, the link in the users post seems to be creating a mobile version because the page width is only set to 320px wide and although I have just changed the default size of the page here to 320px, everything still works as it should but the t-shirt cart still shows full width as though the page is 960, I can't replicate the single line of t-shirts as shown in the users link to which some of the right hand side of the images are cut short.

    Hence my original post about something going on with the code and how the user is adding it for the cart or some other malfunction with other things added to this page.

    Another code issue I've spotted in his source code is that there is a duplicate call to the loader-wrapper ID

    <div id="loader-wrapper">

    I can certainly get both the shopify cart and preloader to work together here
  • Ah, that makes sense. Thanks Mick.
  • Hi,
    I removed the wpack preloader and the problem stopped. I put the wpack back on the page and the problem cam back so I don't think it is something with Shopify
  • Hi again,

    As my previous post, I managed to insert your shopify code and also add the page preloader and got both of them to work seamlessly together. Removing the preloader at your end does "not" prove the issue is with the addon and not shopify. I believe it has something to do with either "How" you are adding the shopify code, or there maybe some other form of conflict somewhere with what else you have added to the same page.

    What I can't replicate here using your shopify code and the page preloader, is the size of your shopping cart window, viewing your content "before" it actually disappears, your cart seems to be running inside a windowed boxed area and looks to small in width to contain all the content and even the right hand side of your images are cut short, yet when I add your cart and preloader to a new page here, the preloader works and then your cart displays full width of my browser.

    Hence my initial theory, the problem "has" to be something to do with "how" and "what" you are adding to this page.

    Check the quick demo I made using your shopify code and an image taken from your site plus the page preloader addon.

    Shop-Preloader Demo

    Does it work for you ???
  • The demo page you used isn't the one in the original post that I'm adding the code to. I did some trial test and took away the shopify code and just left on the preloader code and it still scrolled the page up made everything disappear. I then took away the preloader code AND the shopify code and the problem stopped. I then added back the Shopify code by itself and the problem stopped.
  • The demo page I've used is NOT supposed to be the same as YOUR original post because its MY demo to prove both the shopify code and the preloader addon work together unlike YOUR original page which doesn't work. My demo is to prove the 2 CAN work together and its obviously something you are doing or adding at your end that is preventing the 2 working together the same as my demo does.

    Your best option here is to NOT use the preloader addon for this particular site as it's obviously not working correctly with what and how you have configured content on this page.
  • i fixed it. i re-extracted the serif addon bundle pack and installed a new wpack and now its working. the wpack must have gotten corrupted along the way
  • Thanks for the update and glad you've sorted it

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