Mobile menu issue
  • HI guys, I just purchased the mobile menu addon and love it!!! However, I do have one issue. When I visit the site on any device, a text menu appears briefly before the menu bar appear. I'm sure it's a coding issue as I am awful with html. The site is Would really appreciate any help you could give me.
  • Hi,

    I'm getting a 404 error (page or content not found) when visiting the site link you have given, are you sure this is correct ??
  • Sorry about that. Try Thanks.
  • Hi,

    It might be something to do with the full width slider code you have added to the page, it's possibly added to a Master Page that shares some of the code but it's not needed on this one I don't think.

    The menu code itself is in the correct order so shouldn't have any latency that would cause the flash of unstyled content.

  • That did it! Thanks Neil.
  • Excellent, glad to help :)

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