Mobile menu along with the countdown timer
  • I'm trying to add a countdown timer to a mobile page which already has the mobile menu add on on. When I do that, all the links from the mobile menu add on are listed top left (they are usually hidden and only come up, as they should. I know it's a jquery issue but whatever I tried the text stays on top.

    I hoop you can help me out with this one.

    EDITED: Code Removed By Admin - Not Needed
  • Henk,

    I can add the mobile menu and the countdown timer here in Webplus X8 and there are no conflicts and both addons work together.

    Therefore, to save on spamming the forum with code not needed, please provide a link to the problematic page you have, it is obviously something else you have on the page that is causing the jQuery conflicts, not the addons themselves.

    Check my demo of the 2 working together here - Mobile Menu and Countdown Timer
  • Hi Mick,
    The website is not live yet.
    I will place it in a temp folder.......

    Come back to you with an address. I use X6
  • Please find herewith the link.
    It's still a work in progress though
  • Ok that's where the problem will be then (WPX6) because X7 and X8 take care of jquery a lot better than X6 does, therefore, you will need to add some no conflict code, similar to what you deleted in an older thread you had issues with regards to the Nivo Slider.

    Try this, double click the html frag box containing the code for countdown timer and locate this line of code


    Highlight it and replace that single line of code with the code below

    jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

    That should allow you to run both the addons together, on a further note, although Serif have finished with their plus range of products, consider purchasing X8 which you should be able to get quite cheaply now.

    Hope this helps


    You also have some opening code missing from your above link, hence the reason you are seeing this at the top of your page

    $(function() { $('nav#menu').mmenu(); });

    That's because there is no opening command which should be above that code

    <script type="text/javascript">

    So the menu isn't being called via jquery

  • Sorry, that line of code did not bring the result.
  • Have you read my EDIT to the above post, you have missing code and I can certainly confirm that the info in my original post DOES work with WPX6
  • Your timer is now working and the mobile menu WILL work if you add back the code that has been deleted, in your frag box for the mobile menu you should have this

    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {

    Not what you have of

    $(function() {

    jQuery is NOT being called to drive the mobile menu due to code deletion
  • Just red your edit.
    I removed the whole mobile menu and in inserted again. It's now working.
    In my effort to fix things in the beginning I probably deleted this line of code.

    By inserting the menu again it wrote the new code.

    Thanks Mick

    Probably better to get my hand on the last X8 versions
  • My pleasure and "yes" Webplus X8 will help you loads more when it comes to jquery stuff ;-)

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