Pop Up Contact Form Problem
  • Hi All,
    I successfully added the pop up form to the mobile section of my website last year. I'm so happy with it I want to add it to the desktop site. I've added the asset to the page I want it to work on but its not functioning. Can you tell me where I'm going wrong? I just want it to be a fixed button on the page linked below in a blue box that says "email us". Is it because I'm already using in the mobile section of the site?
    It seems to work great here -

    Any help would be appreciated
  • Hi,

    I don't think you can use this addon more than once on any single site due to how the calls are being made to the modal window that controls the lightbox feature of the popup form, I couldn't get 2 instances running on the same site but if I'm wrong, then I'm sure Neil will update this thread at a later instance but I wouldn't hold out for any good news.

    Hope this helps and sorry I couldn't give you any other solution to this enquiry
  • Hi guys,

    Yes, as Mick mentions you'll get into problems if you add another contact form to the same server. The way you can get around it is by adding the mobile site to a subdirectory and including the contact form files there. The instructions found here will assist you with uploading the mobile site to a subdirectory:http://www.seriftuts.com/webplus-tutorials/creating-a-sub-directory-for-website-testing/

    You may find you'll have to split your WebPlus file by copying all the mobile pages into a new site file.

    Hope that helps.

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