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  • Hi all, I'm looking for a way of having a 'proper' slideshow on the mobile version of my website. At present I'm using a lightbox but that doesn't look good at all. Basically I'm after a way for customers to start a full screen slideshow and/or flip through the galleries.

    My mobile website is (note it will redirect you to the full website if you access from a desktop browser). The photo gallery page is where i have the problem.

    Have had a look at the addons here and it looks promising - image slider looks like it might be the answer, at least for just swiping through the photos?

    Any confirmation or tips before I purchase would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Juma
  • Hi Juma,

    The only one I would recommend for a mobile device would be the SwipeBox addon

    Link Here -

    Demo Here -

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks Mick, looks promising. Can a customer flip through by touching the photo or does it have to be the arrows at the bottom?

    Cheers, Juma
  • Bought the pack :-) Will try it out tomorrow along with a few of the other add ons

    Thanks, Juma
  • They can swipe through using the images or the arrows on a mobile device

    Thanks for the pack purchase and should you need help with any of the addons, we are only a post away, enjoy ;-)

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