Hover zoom format
  • Hi, just a question about the format now it is 400x400  (1:1) but it would be nice to change in into about 600x400.

    Photo's  from ships/vessels are most of the times not 1:1 since the vessels are longer then higher.


  • Hi Capster,


    Have you tried altering the default setting within the html frag box once you drag the hover zoom asset on to the page?

    Look for this code which sets I think both the thumbnail and main image rollover ratio aspect

    .gallery ul li {
    margin:0 10px 10px 0;

    Change the height to maybe 100 to give you more of a width against height ratio and not left at its default of square via 200 x 200

    Hopefully then, the link to your main images should have a better aspect ratio ;-)

  • Thnks that works great gave 150 height and that was a good ratio

    Now the following to compete it all : 1 have small picture with some information about te vessel when mouse over the image has to zoom.

    Picture here    Tekst



    2 rows with each 3 images and text  near it.. then i have to add 6 html fragments that way within each fragment a code for just 1 image ?


  • Hi Capster,

    Shouldn't be a problem just duplicate the HTML Code Frag for the addon and set up the code for each image. But remember there's no need to have the <head> code in all of the code fragments as just one will need this. Having multiple calls to the same code is pointless ;)

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