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  • Hello, piece maker has some small circles at the bottom of it underneath the images that are rotating. Is there a setting to adjust how close or far those are from the bottom of the images?

    I would like to make them closer as they are hover over some other buttons I have and making them inactive. My site is:

  • Hi there besheynaz,

    You'll need to make a small change to the piecemaker.xml file that came with the download and re-add it to your site.

    Open the xml file in a text editor and navigate to the following section:


    Simply decrease its value to something like "20".

    That should do it. Any problems, let us know :)

  • Hi Guys,

    He could also try and move the 2 hyperlinked boxes via Arrange > Bring To Front and see if that makes them active again, worth a shot before editing any code as the slider frag maybe sitting above the 2 links.

  • I've just realised besheynaz is using the old version of our download so it makes it difficult to offer support as it can confuse people who are using our latest version.
  • Neil, just as a further post to the OP's issue, the site link provided on the original post shows from a source view, the site was created using WPX5, if this is the only version owned, then the obvious reason for  a drop to an older version is the asset pack failure, although stipulated on the download and information page on the serifaddon site, it's an obvious compatibility problem, as X5 does not support Asset Packs.
  • I like how you guys skirt around my issues that I posted this morning in this blog and then delete my post...
  • We never delete posts, you posted here from the looks of it: http://www.serifaddons.com/forum/discussion/63/player-question#Item_5

    Look at the 4th post down
  • Brett,

    We're not trying to skirt around anything, we're here to help but it looks as though you've purchased our X6 addons when you only have X5 which would make the help file that came with the download incomprehensible to you, as it instructs you to do things that simply aren't possible in X5. Would that be the case?

    Regarding our decision to begin charging for our addons please see this post: http://serifaddons.com/forum/discussion/comment/19#Comment_19

    Hope that helps.
  • Niel I read your blog about charging for the products and so forth and I get the fact that you know have to make a living. It seams to me that you spent a bunch of time making some great products for FREE that people got use to using and enjoyed and then you decided to charge for them. Sounds like a good business plan to me and cutos to you.

    However like some of the comments said in your blog, people are still using some of those products that helped you launch your business and you should still support those, especially in a case like mine where I have paid for the new one. I am unclear as to why you would have pulled the whole site down that had all the info on the old products and just posted the "new" ones that are paid for unless you wanted to force people to pay which is fine.

    Can you kindly send me the installation file or PDF for the version I have?
  • besheynaz,

    If you go to the original piecemaker vendors website, you can download the latest version of the piecemaker slider (I think version 3) and also download the documentation for it, both links can be found here, plus a link to their website.

    http://www.modularweb.net/en/portfolio/piecemaker2 (main website)

    http://www.modularweb.net/downloads/piecemaker.zip (the slider)

    http://www.modularweb.net/downloads/piecemaker-documentation.zip (the help file)

    What I don't understand though is why you purchased an X6 add-on when you are only running version X5

  • Thanks :)

    That's the problem though - like now we're having to support 2 versions of the product which gets confusing for anyone reading forum threads.

    When I initially started the redesign of Serif Addons I had both versions X5 and X6 but it was becoming too confusing for me and I simply couldn't manage it. If you look at how many people are at this time using X4 there are not a lot, therefore very quickly X5 would become redundant and I would have had to do a redesign again to remove all the X5 tutorials, especially when X7 is released sometime later this year.

    The Asset function Serif added to X6 makes things super simple and there's just a few paragraphs of instructions to get the addons working in anyone's site, much better than a full blown tutorial.

    As stated I can't offer any support for the old addons... you might want to try downloading the original Piecemaker file and see how you get on with it, that's the best I can offer: http://www.modularweb.net/en/portfolio/piecemaker2

  • Hey Niel, since you started these why is it that you simply can not have all the old stuff that you spent all the time creating and have a simple drop down menu for what version the user is using?

    So when 7 comes out are you then not going to support 6 or will that not be "to confusing" since you got paid for it. I am sorry but it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. How is it that you can put all this together but supporting two version is to confusing for you...come on.

  • Mick thanks for the helpful information and pointing me in the right direction. To answer your question I purchased 6 but did not think about having to upgrade to 6 and I am just fine with the way 5 works for me. I don't really need to or want to upgrade at this point.
  • Thanks for your input but this is getting you nowhere and you clearly don't understand the complexities of making addons and tutorials. For your information the X6 addons will no doubt work in X7 it's that X5 had a totally different set-up.

    I've tried to be reasonable and explain the circumstances but you're just being rude so I'm locking this thread.

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