Trying to add the animated portfolio to the video template
  • I downloaded your animated portfolio and placed it in my assets. Using the video template right now. It won't let me click and drag the animated portfolio asset to the page. Is there a conflict with the template?
  • Hi kvilendrer,

    Thanks for buying :)

    There's not a conflict that I know of, I've just added the Animated Portfolio addon to the VideoPlus template in X7 and it all seems to work well. Which version of WebPlus are you using?

  • x7. It wont let me click & drag to the worksheet. So I tried to insert the HTML fragment then pull the portfolio pack from there. When I go to preview I don't see anything.
  • Hi kvilendrer,

    I have sent you an email to the email address associated with your login here (gmail account) please check your email and the instructions given with the new file and please let us know how you get on, here in the forum.

    Hope this helps ;-)
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