anyone know how to change the text box on Full Width Slider
  • hi
    i just bought the Full Width Slider
    and following the instruction however, when i install and following the steps all looks good but
    when i change to small window to large window it's not changing the size and also text box are out of position.
    anyone know why?
  • Andrew,

    The add-on is a "Full Width Slider" and not a "Responsive" slider, Webplus uses absolute positioning code for its content and therefore, cannot create a site that will automatically resize page content (images etc) when the view point is changed.

    If you are looking to create a site that automatically changes, device dependent, then you'd need to look for alternative software such as Dreamweaver as Webplus cant give you a fluid (Responsive) website.

    Hope this helps
  • Hi Mick
    thank you for your help i'm just wondering when i click it shows responsive slider (problem with black box ) from demo it looks fine but when i try to make slider the block box been cut
    do you know how it's done? or do i have to buy other things
    please help... thank you
  • Please upload your problematic page and then link us to it here, without seeing something so we can check your code etc, its a little hard to give out any solutions.

    Need help creating a test site ? Follow Neil's tutorial on the link below

    Also when you post back your link, can you include the version of Webplus you are using which also helps us to debug your problem

    Hope this helps
  • hi Mick
    thank you for your help
    could you check the site
    i'm working on this website but i can not fix the problem with black box and text.
    and also do you know how to put out of box and text on center
    thank you
  • I cant help right now as I'm away from my normal home machine, but your page does seem to be a little large in width as I have a horizontal scrollbars here on my works machine. Page widths shouldn't really exceed 980px

    Maybe Neil will be along later and can help further with regards the caption boxes etc.

    Hope this helps in the meantime
  • hi mick
    i change to 980px but still same problem.
    i'm using webplus x8
  • Hi Andrew,

    You are adding an align centre command directly to the code of the image which doesn't work as the slider is controlled via css code. Remove it and go back to default settings of the slider.

    Then double click the frag box for the code and locate this line of code

    .slide-container .slide-desc > p a.more { color: #D3D3D3; } /* Caption hyperlink colour */

    Place your cursor after the last / on that line and press enter on your keyboard to create a new editable line and copy and paste the code below to the new line

    .slide-container .slide-desc {

    text-align: center;

    left:50% !important;

    width: 400px;

    margin-left: -220px;


    The caption boxes should now be centre of the slider and not aligned to the left
  • thank you mick
    but still the same problem with slider

  • Hi,

    On viewing the same link your provided in an earlier post - - I don't see any captions so I'm not really knowing exactly what your problem is, you'll need to stipulate fully and descriptively as you can, exactly what the issue is as nothing seems to be out of place at the moment on the link given.

    I'm just not seeing any issues with the full width slider and caption boxes using the information provided earlier Andrew, take a look at a quick mock up demo of your site, obviously I haven't created a navigation menu, its text only, but I have tried to replicate your site the best I can using the images from your original link provided, the first 5 images in the slider are using captions boxes and the 6 remaining are left without captions.

    Andrew Full Width Slider Demo

    Hope this helps
  • hi mick
    thank you for trying
    my main problem is when change the browser size, left side will be cut...
    EDITED (By Mick) Code not really needed
  • .if it's possible can you send the zip file for that sample... for webplusx8 please...
    so i can check what's the problem with my code..
    thank you
  • Hi Andrew,

    I can certainly send you the wpp file (once I'm at my home PC, at work until later this evening) but what the full width slider wont give you, is a responsive image within the slider that automatically resizes itself, view point dependent, this is because Webplus uses absolute positioning for its HTML code and cant create responsive websites, unlike software such as Xara or Dreamweaver.

    Hope this helps a little more

    EDITED: Email with file attached sent to your default email address associated with your login to this forum, hope this helps.
  • Hi mick

    i purchased the full width slider about a month ago

    thanks for this intructions

    i was just wondering if there is a way i can put the caption on the middle center

  • Thanks i got it
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