Full width slider problem
  • Hello,
    I have the full width slider add-on but cannot see it in my assets tab after loading the file. I am using WebPlus X8. Any ideas please?
  • If you have used the "Open" button from the assets tab and not the "Browse" button and located and loaded the wpack file for the add-on, the fullwidth slider frag box should now be sitting on the "Page Content" tab.

    Depending on your version of Webplus you are using, you'll either see the serifaddon logo or just a plain transparent square with a faint thin outline, this is the asset file that needs to be dragged onto the page.

    Let us know if that sorts the issue for you.
  • Thanks Mick ... it was me being a bit dense; I couldn't see the plain transparent square in the Page Content tab, at first - eyesight not what it was!
    Now having correctly pasted the code fragment to the page (that's what was missing from my project) all is fine and dandy, and works like a dream.
  • No worries ;-)
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