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  • Hello,

    I recently got the Carousel Addon and when I uploaded it to my site it came up different. On the demo it shows the previous and upcoming pictures to the side kinda shaded, but on mine there are no pictures to the side only the main frame picture. It sort of defeats the purpose of the carousel I feel like.
  • Link please so we have something to see and work with, almost impossible to give solutions when working in the dark, although judging by what you've said, it does sound like a user error and you haven't copied and pasted the code in the correct place if only seeing a single changing image with no previous and next faded images.

    Re-read the help file and make sure you are pressing ALT+S to get to the source code and then copy and paste the code to the <!--Page Body Start--> section or the add-on just wont work correctly
  • Ok thank you I will go back and check the coding. Here is a link to the site in the meantime

    thank you!
  • Right, you have a few issues, one is the code is in the wrong place and not pasted to the <!--Page Body Start--> section, yours is pasted to the <!--Page Start--> and secondly, your images are way too big for the slider, images are all 1800 x 1500 and they should really be around 980 x 500
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