full width slider with Nav bar
  • Hi Also a newbie here, bought the full width slider add-on, so far so good. just two quick questions.

    I am working on a wide screen monitor, not sure if the full width is working. set page to 960px and full width slider to 1920 as per instructions. but on preview the slider just seems to be the width of the page, would this be auto full width when published?

    and.. can it be possible to have the nav bar within the auto full width slider? ( i am trying to put this in the master page so it will be on all of all of my pages) and would like it to be above the slider box and not to look as the slider in plonked in the middle of a page with a 960px nav bar above 1920px full width slider
  • Hi,

    If the slider isn't showing as full width and is showing at 960px (your page width) then it must be down to a user error and you are not pasting the code to the correct place within the source code.

    It needs to go after
    <!--Page Body Start-->

    Or if the slider is needed on all pages, then it needs to go after
    <!--Master A Body Start-->

    Also if you are placing a navigation menu to show above the slider, then you will need some z-index setting to force the nav bar to show above the slider and not sit behind it

    Right click the element you want to show above the slider and choose HTML source
    Locate the preamble code and scroll across until you see /*Add Style*/

    And copy and paste the code below before this code


    Your code will then look like this if done correctly

    z-index:9999;/*Add Style*/

    Also when asking for assistance of this kind, its always a good idea to upload the problem page/site to your server and then provide a link to it on the forum, that way we have something to view code wise and can then hopefully debug and tell you where the problem lies, if you need help creating a test area on your hosting server for this very thing, have a look at Neil's tutorial on the link below


    Hope this helps
  • Hi Mick, many thanks for your time and input. I published to disk and it worked. thanks alot. i will take your advice and set up a test site.
  • My pleasure Tony ;-)
  • I'm trying to do the same. I've done what you said, but the navbar is still appearing below the slider
  • Hi,

    Please always start your own thread if you need any help with any of the addons, this saves on any confusion with the original poster of the thread and also helps us maintain our search facility better.

    If you can't get the nav bar to show above the slider, then you are obviously doing something wrong with the implementation of the code given above for the other user and as advised, it's always best to give us something to view problematic page/site wise, (URL link) so we have something to see and work with.

    Hope this helps a little more.
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