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  • I have tried million times to unzip the downoaded file. I have no idea how to do this.why this is so complicated why not click and run and all is sorted? Is there any clear instructions how to do this ? or anybody can share a video? I have program called winRAR
  • Hi,

    Click and run would need an exe file which could contain viruses and your AV program could stop the download, therefore, all files are zipped files which need to be unpacked first.

    If your version of WinRAR doesn't unpack a zip file, then download a zip un-compression program (some free others are not) and one such free one is called 7zip from here - http://www.7-zip.org

    Also, depending on your version of operating system, I'm surprised you cant use the windows built in feature of zip by right clicking the file and choosing from the pop up menu - Extract All

    Also, due to us not knowing exactly what you are doing with the download, once the "Zip" file has been unpacked, you end up with a file with an extension of .wpack - this file is not a file that needs unpacking, you simply open webplus and from the assets tab, choose "Open" then locate the wpack file and once opened, it will sit on the page content tab, its from here you drag the asset onto the page and then follow any PDF file that came with the add-on download, to help with the configuration of the add-on itself.

    Hope this helps
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