Full-width slider - mysterious black oblong box (possible connected to caption)
  • Hello there,
    I've removed captions from the full width slider (and am only using one slide) but there's a pesky little black oblong box showing up. Any idea how to remove?

    You can see it here - bottom left of full-width image: http://luluwebdesign.com/GNHC/
  • Not a clue Lou without seeing the live page because images don't tell us anything as we can't see any source code to check whether or not you have any rouge code lying about inside the html file after you have deleted your captions.

    Also you don't stipulate what version of Webplus you are using, it does stipulate this in our sticky thread at the front of the forum
  • Just as an update after doing a little testing here, it's not a matter of just deleting the <h2> and <p> lines of code that control the title and the description text, you need to also delete the <div class> and also 1 of the closing </div> tags, to make sure nothing gets left behind.

    Deleting all these lines of code from your single image slider, should get rid of the small black box left on the image

    <div class="slide-desc">
    <h2>Full Width Slider</h2>
    <p>For WebPlus... It's what you've all been waiting for <a class="more" href="#">More</a></p>

    DON'T delete both closing </div> or the slider will not work, if done correctly you should end up with code similar to the below

    <!--Start Slider Image-->
    <div style="background-image: url(full-width-images/01a.jpg)">
    <!--End Slider Image-->

    Please in future, post direct links to problematic pages rather than showing us an image, it really does help us to solve your issues much more quickly as images don't really tell us anything.

    Let us know if that sorts the problem out for you.
  • Hi Mick - I will try that - thanks so much for the speedy response (and I did post a link to the full website, not the image!).
  • FIXED! I had removed everything but "

  • My pleasure Lou, and also my bad (sorry) was in a rush today with other things and just took it the link was an image.

    Glad we got you sorted in the end though and my apologies ;-)
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