Full Width Slider - I have to put a text on the slider
  • Hi, i'm using Full Width Slider, but I have a problem:
    I want to use the slider as a simple sliding gallery where i want to put a text on (not a text on a single panel). The panels of the slider cover everything on the page, also the scrollbar (I'm using unique scrollbar). So when i put a text it is covered and i can only see the image of the slider. If it was a simple Serif Web slider i could change the arrange of the elements... How can i do?

    Thank you!
  • If you want to change element arrangements, then you need to right click the object in question and choose HTML source, scroll across and find the /*Add Style*/ and then add some z-index settings before it so it moves either above or below the other objects

    z-index:5;/*Add Style*/


    z-index:10000;/*Add Style*/

    So you'll need to experiment a little.
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