Can't seem to scroll on a mobile device on the 100% width slider.
  • Hi there,

    Bit of an odd question but I'm making this website that has a rather tall (650px) full width slider, and it's fine on a computer but when I go on an ipad or kindle or my iphone, it doesn't scroll at all when you're on the slider part.. and for say the ipad, because the slider is rather tall, there's not much room underneath to get any further below.. obviously I can make the slider less tall but I was wondering if there was a way to make the slider 'scrollable' if that makes sense?


  • Hi Esther,

    This problem does only seem to be isolated to the fade transition, there was a small change required in one of the files to fix it but it does mean finger swipe for the images will no longer work.

    Download the attached file and extract it. In WebPlus double click the HTML Code Fragment for the addon and select the Files tab, delete the file named jquery.skippr.js and replace it with the newly downloaded file:


    Finally complete a Full Upload as opposed to an incremental one and test in your mobile browser but be sure to clear your cache so that you're not seeing the old page.

    Hope that helps and if you have any further questions/problems let us know.

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