Smooth Scrolling in WP X6...
  • Hello everybody,

    this question was posted originally on Serif Forums but got no replies... any help would be very appreciated.

    So, my issue is about using Smooth Scrolling alongside with some sliders, all in the master page.

    I can´t seem to be able to have both (the smooth scrolling and the sliders) working simultaneously.

    I know this is a JQuery conflict kind of thing and I´ve tried several ways to solve it with no luck so far.

    Thanks in advance and keep on the good work around here.

  • Hi Leandro,

    That's like asking how long a piece of string is, it's pretty hard to say where the problem lies without being able to see something with regards to the code created in the page/s that contain both the smooth scroller and sliders, so a link to your site would help immensely.

  • Hey Mick,

    thank you very much for your (fast) reply.

    You´re absolutely right, the website is this: (it´s in Portuguese).

    There´s no Smooth Scrolling going on right now (and there´s no code for it either) and the malfunction occurs with the "sub menu" slider you can find next to the top "main menu".

    Again, thank you very much for your time and support.

  • Hi again Leandro,


    Ok I think you may have misconceived the idea and functionality behind the smooth scroller add-on.

    This will NOT work on the site you have provided a link for -

    The reason for this is, your site consists of various pages on navigation links, the smooth scroller is designed to work with a single page site and the links work via anchor points to certain parts of a single long page. The scroller cannot work by linking to separate pages I'm afraid.

    If you look at the information on the actual smooth scroller page on the add-on site, it does tell you how it works and I've copied it below for you:


    Very popular with modern and professional sites, you can build a website that sits within a single page and scrolls elegantly to sections throughout the page.



    Hope this helps ;-)

  • Indeed it is... thank you Mick!

    Sorry about the fuss. :-)

  • No worries, anytime, that's why we are here and always glad to help out as and when ;-)
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