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  • Hi,
    I've downloaded the Full Width Slider addon and tried to implement it into my website but the images don't seem to be appearing. I followed the guide that came with it and have checked the filenames and what not but still nothing, the side arrows and little dots to indicate what picture its on do come up though. Any help would be appreciated, only just started on the site so not much to it. Slider can be found at http://testing.glitzeehairsalon.co.uk
  • Hi Ash,

    Thanks for buying :)

    It seems your images are in the right place and being found: http://testing.glitzeehairsalon.co.uk/full-width-images/01.jpg

    It's possible there is a conflict with the script you're using for the background. What happens when you remove it? In all honesty there's no need to use extra code to add the wooden background as you could achieve the same effect by adding the image via page properties.

    Let us know how you get on.
  • Hi Neil,

    I removed the background and yes the sliders appeared! Thanks for the help, added the background the way you said to stop the conflict with that and the slider.

    Kind Regards

  • That's great, thanks for the update, Ash :)
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