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  • I have been using web plus for many years and have built up a great collections of websites for my local community and after reading the news from Serif about the new Afinity product range was really excited at the idea of a new web product that would fly along with the addition of Serifaddons that I have also used a number of.

    I wasn't happy to discover that Serif are not going to be developing a new web product according to Patrick from Serif support. I wondered if Serifaddons have a view and maybe a future option for us to look at. Apologies if this post is not appropriate, I am looking for options and solutions and not sure where to look.

  • Hi Malcom,

    Although this shouldn't really be posted here as it has nothing to do with add-ons, I can tell you that Neil has an alternative to Webplus and launched this venture on the 1st of April this year and the information can be found on the link at the bottom of this post. Apart from that, Serif have left their web design customers high and dry and you'll need to source other software to use should you feel the latest and last version of Webplus (X8) doesn't give you what you are looking for.

    The add-ons we provide here will continue for Webplus along side our templates provided by our sister site of http://www.seriftemplates.com and updates will continue for as long as Neil deems it fit to do so, but I'd imagine it will be for quite some time to come yet.

    Hope this helps

  • Malcolm,

    I have been using Webplus since version 9. I have tried other things but I always came back to Webplus because I am spoiled and it's just so easy. Well, I just tried out that site that Mick put at the end of his post and I can tell you from one WebPlus user to another... IT'S AWESOME! I literally have only been using it for a few minutes and I already have a great looking Home and About Us page.

    It's responsive (how long have we been BEGGING Serif for that?), it's WYSIWYG real-time editing (you are previewing and using the page that you're building as you're building it) and it's free to start out with. You only have to pay if you want extra features.

    I'm not associated with Xweb.io or serifaddons.com in any way so I don't care if you try it or not. There's nothing in it for me. I can tell you, though, that I will definitely be using Xweb a lot in the future and possibly eventually ditching Webplus to use Xweb exclusively at some point. If this site just got under way 23 days ago and it's already this good, I think it'll be easy to forget about WebPlus as more time passes and more features are added to Xweb.


    I know this wasn't really about addons, but I appreciate you answering the question anyway and leaving this up for me to find. I really like Xweb so far. Is Neil the owner of this venture, is it a partnership, or is he working for them?
  • No problem Malcolm and glad you are finding the Xweb useful, it is a nice easy tool to use and yes, this is Neil's new venture but obviously Webplus Add-ons and Templates will continue for quite some time to come and wont just stop ;-)
  • I have just looked at Xweb and must agree that it is easy to use and the websites look very slick. I am no techie, but I have been successfully designing websites for a few years now. W+8 allows me to import graphics and artwork. Templates are good, but not all customers want them.
    I hope Xweb, if it doesn't have it already, will allow for the build of a unique website.
  • Hi Redlam,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Xweb does allow you start from a blank canvas but each of the elements you will add are preconfigured this is basically due to the need to make each section responsive and we need to predict the way they'll behave. Having the freedom, to create a completely unique layout is good but it's impossible for our developers to manage its layout when viewed on smaller screen, believe me we tried :)

    Hope that helps
  • Hi Neil,

    I have Serif web plus X6 and am looking to build a new web site for our business (Restaurant). I was asked to look at your templates by serif. I want to buy one from serif templates.com, but want to know if we can have a number of features such as a book a table, online menus and food ordering (shopping cart), payment gateway, contact forms and related database. Would appreciate a reply. Thanks
  • Hi Neil,
    Would appreciate a recommendation of aTemplate with the above features. Thanks
  • Hi anilkumar,

    You will need to view the templates on the seriftemplates.com website and choose a template that suits your need.

    Anything that isn't included, you should be able to add them via scripts or other third party applications to give you the things you need such as a table booking function, online menus etc,

    These are "not" added by default because things of this nature may require a MySQL database to process the backend stuff and just cannot be integrated into the templates by default.

    There are some things already available directly within Webplus but they may or may not give you exactly what it is you are looking for.


    Hope this helps some what.
  • Hi Mick, Thanks, I have 2 business an my brother has one, if we bought a template are we able to use this for the creation of more than one web site and is this bought for ever.

  • Feel free to use any template purchased from seriftemplates.com for as many sites as you require, once purchased, you can use it as many times as you like and is yours for life, the only thing asked of you is to not give the template away to other webplus users.

    Hope this helps
  • Hi Mick,
    Thanks again, each template I see is better than the other and am spoilt for choice. If I get any, am I able to add a feature later, for example If I buy the Church template am I able to add the features of the Video plus in the future or is the design restricted to images.
    many thanks..
  • You can add what ever you like to what ever template, whether it be an addon from here, which comes with full support should you run into any issues or you can add third party scripts (not supported here) Also something else to consider by reading the "Read before posting section" on the seriftemplate website about integrating elements from one template to another, it can be done, but not supported via the support forum due to file and code modifications needed. You can read more about it here


    Hope this helps a little more
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