Full width slider not working in site
  • I have added Full width slider in my website , in webplus preview showing perfectly.
    After uploading in to ftp images are not coming in slider . I have already uploaded ‘ full-width-images’ folder and images as same name in ftp as well

    Please see my website link www.bloomtour.net
  • Hi,

    Your problem is image file name extensions, your code calls this image for example

    <div style="background-image: url(full-width-images/01.jpg)">

    But the image to this first instance is actually 01.JPG on the server and not what the code is calling 01.jpg

    Servers cannot differentiate between upper and lowercase keys, your images "MUST" be the same file name and file extension in both file and code or you will always run into problems

    Hope this helps and do let us know if that sorts the problem out for you.
  • Thanks Now it is working fine and one more help How I can change the color and position of Caption title and wordings ?
  • The colours can be changed by opening the frag box for the full width slider and locating and editing the following code to suit the hex value colours you need

    .slide-container .slide-desc { background: #000; } /* Caption background colour */

    .slide-container .slide-desc > h2 {
    color: #fff; /* Caption title colour */
    font-family: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; /* Caption title font family */
    font-size: 25px; } /* Caption title font size */
    .slide-container .slide-desc > p {
    color: #fff; /* Caption text colour */
    font-family: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; /* Caption text font family */
    font-size: 16px; } /* Caption text font size */

    .slide-container .slide-desc > p a.more { color: #D3D3D3; } /* Caption hyperlink colour */

    With regards to moving the caption box, then you would need to add more code to the above and add it below this line

    .slide-container .slide-desc { background: #FFF; }

    Code to add under the above would be this

    .slide-container .slide-desc {
    bottom: 60px;
    left: 40px;

    You can then adjust the bottom and left px values to position the caption box where you want it.

    Hope this helps

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