full width slider one at top and second at bottom
  • Hi I am wpx8 and have a full width slider addon on master page which is great for all my pages, (love this addon). my question is I have tried to have a second full width slider at the bottom of my master page (footer), and to be locked to the bottom of all pages, but is just moves down the top slider and no second slider is inserted. the affect is to have a header and footer slider that is full width to add a bit of balance the footer will have png of our links to other pages on the site with a longer dwell time.
  • Tony,

    It is not possible to have 2 full width sliders on the same page due to how the code has to be implemented.

    Hope this helps
  • ok thanks, is there no way to use part of the code for the full width slider for a image on the foot on the master page?
  • I'm afraid not, its a single implementation only, sorry but hope this helps
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