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  • Hi everyone,

    I just purchased the image-zoom addon for serif, I want to space out the layout. Parts of the large zoom is over lapping my thumbnails. I am not sure what kind of coding I need and where it needs to go.
    Also my image looks squashed on the thumbnail when I first select them, but after the second time I select the thumbnail they look fine.

    I hope this sence, please I need help as it's so confusing (

    Many thanks
    Nabeel Hussain
  • Maybe a link to the site may help so that we can see the problems you are facing, impossible to give out some solutions, with nothing to view or work with.

    Hope this helps
  • Hi Mick, Thank you for getting back to me, I really appreciate your advice. It seems like a strange problem,
    My apologies, The link is as following:

    Many thanks.
  • Hi Nabeel,

    I'm not sure about the thumbnails being a little squashed as when grabbing all your files here from your link and creating the image zoom, everything looks fine from this end on initial viewing and I don't need to view a second time to get the desired look for any images, large, small or thumbs.

    With regards to a small overlap of the zoom window, you can easily move it away from your thumbnails by adjusting the code in the HTML frag box (Double click it to open it) and edit either or both these pieces of code to adjust where the zoom window lies.

    zoomWindowWidth: 400, // Width of the zoomWindow
    zoomWindowHeight: 400, // Height of the zoomWindow

    Changing the default 400 to say something like 350 will make it slightly smaller but will also move it away from your thumbs

    Hope this helps
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