full width slider image cropping
  • Hi, I'm sure this has probably been discussed endlessly elsewhere, but I'm not finding an answer I can understand/implement, excuse my lack of skill/knowledge.
    I've prepared my images to be 1920 x 850, and set the html code on the page to be 850 high as instructed.
    However, when I preview my page, the image is cropped at the sides? What am I doing wrong?
    thanks in advance
  • Sounds like your code isn't in the right place but with nothing to see or work with, I'm taking a stab in the dark here, please link us to the problematic page/site so we can try and debug the issue for you.

    Hope this helps
  • Hello....I am having a problem with the placement of the image in the slider, it crops off the top of 2 pictures in the slider, I can't seem to center them. Is it the size of the pic or is there a place I can change it in the code...?

    Here is my test area... http://thebest-techs.com/

    Thank you
  • Rocky,

    Firstly, as future reference, please start your own thread when asking for addon assistance and don't simply post in one started by another user, this helps us to maintain our search facility better and also saves on any cross posting or confusion with the original starter of the thread. - Cheers

    With regards to your problem, this maybe down to an image aspect ratio issue.

    Your actual image sizes vary immensely and are nowhere near in a ratio format for a full width slider, 2 instances of your images have these settings - 5785 x 3853 & 567 x 390 - 1 file alone is 11.2mb and nowhere near optimised correctly for website usage and hence the reason no image shows immediately when opening your website due to the fact the image is so large in megabytes and needs to be loaded fully before it shows.

    If you read the help file it says to use images of 1920 wide and the height to be the size you want the slider to be, and after looking at your code, the height of your slider is 600 - Therefore, you need to crop and adjust your images so that firstly, they are all the same size and not a mish mash and secondly, they should all be at a size of 1920 x 600

    Hopefully then, all your images should show correctly.

    Hope that helps a little more.
  • Mick...thank you for the advice....I will surely do that. And thank you for the resizing advice of the pictures. To resize it, is that 1920 x 600 dpi? Printable size? Not really sure.

    Thanks for your help
  • Its actually a dimension resize and not dpi so you are looking at 1920px x 600px (not dpi)

    Hope this helps
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