full width slider first image not appearing
  • Hi, another question - when I preview the full width slider in Google Chrome, the first image doesn't appear fully - my page background colour blocks out the centre section - the following images are fine, and the original image is too when it's revisited as it autoplays?

    any suggestions how to stop this from happening?
  • Hi John,

    Same reply to your other question really - http://serifaddons.com/forum/discussion/1468/full-width-slider-image-cropping - as we are working blind with nothing to see
  • thanks Mick, my site isn't yet online, so I'm not sure I can point you at the page. I could 'cut and paste' the page code into a reply here, would that be useful? thanks very much for responding to my queries.
    btw, I think the cropping issue I have resolved somehow, but I'm left with the first image not appearing problem.
    (also btw - a separate question - like the slider, is there a simple way to have a full width single fixed image that resizes according to screen size - I want one on other pages of my site?).
    thanks again! John
  • Hi John,

    If your site isn't ready yet for publishing due to being in-complete, you could always create a test area to show what you have so far and then delete the contents once it has been checked for code errors etc, for help on this, have a look at Neil's tutorial on the link below


    With regards to things resizing automatically view port dependent, this isn't possible with Webplus because the program uses absolute positioning for its HTML code and cannot create a responsive website, you could always use the slider and insert 1 image with no transition set, this would be about the best you can do due to Webplus limitations.

    Hope this helps
  • okay, thanks Mick - that's exactly what I'd done, I'll try and work with that! I'll check out the tutorial and come back with a test area if I can to try and get to the bottom of the first image problem.
  • Hi Mick, here is the site http://www.abbotslodgebandb.co.uk/cruckbarntest/
    any thoughts on why the first image is cropped before the slider cycles, greatfully received!
    thanks, John
  • I can't see anything obvious via a source view of your code John so you maybe better off sending me your wpp file (something.wpp) so that I can load it up in X8 here and then check to see what could be wrong.

    If you use the resource manager of Webplus - Tools > Site Manager > Resource Manager - place a tick in the very top left box so that all your pages get highlighted and then choose the little drop down menu at the bottom under the placement heading, regardless of its default status, open it and choose embedded, then close the RM down, finally from the menu of Webplus again, choose File > Save As and save the file out to a new name so you get to keep your original file, then send this over to me.

    If under 10mb in size, email it directly, if over 10mb, use something like http://www.wetransfer.com which is a free upload service and use my email address as the recipient of your file.

    Hopefully we can get you sorted


  • Thanks Mick, just emailed (just shy of 6mb)
  • Ok give me a while to grab it via email and test in webplus, I'll drop what I find back here in a short while (hopefully)
  • I've just had a fiddle myself, and think I might have located the issue. In page properties for the home page, if I go to 'background' and choose 'use page background' and then make the on page colour transparent, it seems to solve the problem...
  • Sounds about right John, if you set a page colour, the first image will sit behind it and will show either side, I've no idea why or how this happens because as you mentioned before, after the first image everything is how it should be, I guess this is yet another Webplus quirk in its software
  • ok. thanks. frustrating how many unexplainable things I'm coming across! I now problems with my contact page, on which i've got a single (resizable) slider image (ie fixed) at the top, and am trying to add a text box and map below. While I have the slider html fragment on the page, when I preview, it just won't show me the other items on the page. as soon as i move the html fragment into the workspace off the page, I can see the other items in the preview? Help!
  • John,

    I'm going to send back a file which is similar to yours and created from scratch, I think the problems you are having are user created and hope my version can be adapted for your actual site as everything that I have added is working and things don't seem to be happening like they are with your own file.

    Anyway, take a look at the file I've sent and see how you get on with it in WPX8

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks Mick, I'll do as you suggest and try and see if that solves it! John
  • My pleasure John ;-)
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