HTML5 Video X8 won't instal
  • I cannot get HTML5 Video addon to install to X8, a folder appears for the resources but no addon appears.
  • Try using the Open button on the asset tab and not the Browse button, when you have located the wpack file for the addon and loaded it, the addon will be available on the page content tab, its from this tab, you drag it on to the page to configure it from the help file (PDF) provided.

    Let us know if that sorts the issue out for you.
  • Sorry, tried that. now have 2 more empty folders in the asset browser
  • My bad on first post (now been edited and changed) you don't use the Browse button, your need to use the Open button and locate the wpack file which should be an uncompressed file from the original zip file you have of the purchased addon.

    Once the wpack file has been opened and loaded, as previously mentioned, the addon will be on the page content tab, it will probably only show as a transparent square with a very faint thin outline around it and will do nothing until you drag this box on to your page.

    Tested here in my X8 and have no problems adding the video player to any page within my site.
  • Reinstalled the Webplus patch, deleted the asset from


    Added the asset back, THEN browsed for it and now it's there - and very good!!
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