Resizing the Footer of the Urban Template Addon?
  • I have the Urban Addon Template. The "black" footer of the template is very wide, I want to make it thinner and a different color, but, I can not find the settings to change it.

    Can you tell me where to do this?

    Thank you

  • Rocky,

    We don't have an addon called Urban

    If your question is Template related then you have posted in the wrong support forum, you need to post over at and choose the correct template category when posting.

    We can only support addon issues here, not templates, sorry.

    On a search of the seriftemplates forum, this post here may also help

    Hope this helps
  • Whooppppsss.....Thank you.
  • You are awesome! I just resized the file to the width I needed and replaced it :)

    So thank you very much!
  • My pleasure ;-)
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