Mobile Menu button + parallax?
  • Hi Mick

    I'm trying to make my excel parallax site more mobile friendly and was thinking about using the mobile menu button. All I want to check is that the mobile menu is compatible with the excel parallax template?

  • You can certainly use the mobile menu for the excel template but with the template being a parallax template and uses anchor points rather than direct hyperlinks to other pages, you would have to make sure you set the mobile menu to use the same kind of links such as the following

    <a href="#YourAnchor">blabla</a>

    The hash key in front of the name makes sure you are linking to anchor points within the page and not hyperlinks to separate pages.

    Plus also, you will need some extensive html/css knowledge to get rid of the default code for the menu that is already provided within the Excel template and this is not something that we could cover directly on either this forum or indeed the seriftemplate forum with it being out of the realms of the default status of the template and would be considered as more of a custom build to the template. If you read the "Please read before posting" article over on the seriftemplate forum (link below) this should explain it a little better.

    Hope this helps
  • Thank you.
  • No worries & my pleasure ;-)
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