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  • Hi there,

    Is it possible somehow to 'push down' the page under the accordion because my space is limited. When I open the last section it is displaying in front of the panel under the accordion. Thank you.

  • Hi Mel,

    This is a webplus problem because it cannot create sites or pages that are responsive that alters elements according to page length or space, the program uses absolute positioning for its code so you cant force pages to change their dimensions automatically.

    Therefore you have 2 options available to you, (1) is to make your page slightly longer to accommodate the longest accordion section or (2) have a look on the website site ( ) and take a look at the right hand section entitled "fill space" the code once implemented keeps all sections the same size but enables the section to have internal scrollbars if the section is longer than its default size, this makes sure once you have configured the space for the accordion, nothing overlaps beyond the section as the content within the section is scrollable.

    I did make a demo of this sometime ago and you can see how it works here -

    Unfortunately things of this nature are not supported here in the forum because we are going above and beyond the default settings of the addon but hope it helps some what.
  • Is it possible to add hyperlinks within the accordion?
  • Hi,

    Yes, just add them as HTML code within the HTML frag (wrap a word/sentence around the href reference tags) Section 4 of the above demo, right at the bottom of the section, does have an hyperlink that opens the Google search engine in a new window.

    Please also start your own thread when asking for help with any of the addons, this both helps with our search facility and also saves on any cross posting and confusion with the original starter of the thread.

    Thanks and hope this helps
  • Thank you Mick for your help. I will figure out which solution to choose.
  • My pleasure Mel ;-)
  • Hi there...
    I am using the Accordian and it works great!
    I subsequently added page security and the Accordian stopped working (diplayed all Accordian text). I removed the page security and Accordian works again.
    I am using WebPlus X8. I bought the X6/X7 Accordian. Is there a X8 update to the Accordian to fix or is this issue not Accordian related?
  • Ed,

    With nothing to view, its pretty hard to give out solutions so your best bet is to link us to the problematic page making sure you leave the page security and the accordion on the page so we can see what code is being generated by both Webplus and the addon, it does sound as though it could be a jquery conflict but this is only a guess at this time until we can view the source code.

    Also for future posting, please always start your own thread and not simply post in one already started, this helps us with our search facility and also saves on cross posting and confusion with the original starter of the thread.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks Mick,
    I have posted to a new thread with the secure page access as requested.
  • Thanks Ed, your other post now answered.
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