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  • Hi, Just bought the full width image slider and have downloaded, extracted and saved it to my Addons Folder. When I add the .wpack file to Webplus via the assets panel I get an HTML box to drag onto the screen, Is this correct? I then have another set of code that came with the pack (full-width code) and instructions in the PDF for adding that code. I am totally confused as I notice some of the addons when watching video tutorials, for instance the Nivo slide has a red box to be dragged out onto the screen an then the code added to this. I'm wondering if I have downloaded it correctly or am I just doing something wrong? Thanks for your patience with this inexperienced Webplus user and thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Sue,

    If you have dragged the addon on to the page which creates an HTML Frag box containing certain code, then phase one of configuring the addon is successful and the size of the frag box on the page is irrelevant.

    You will then need to select your home page within Webplus and press ALT+S to get to the source code, you cant access the source code of a Master Page, once you see the code, then scroll until you find the exact position given in the help PDF file and copy the code from the text file and paste it.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks Mick for your very valued assistance.
    Shall try that out tomorrow.
    Regards Sue
  • My pleasure any problems at all just post back and we'll do our best to get you sorted ;-)
  • Hi Mick, Working perfectly now, many thanks.

    I'm now trying to add space above the slider from the instructions - I'm changing the section (Margin above slider, ie. 90px */) I'm changing the 90px to 200 px but nothing seems to be changing????

    Regards, Sue
  • Hi Sue,

    The reference of 90px is surrounded by /* */ tags, which means this is not actual code and is remmed out (disabled) and is more of a help with what the actual line of code does.

    You need to change the 0 in the actual code to a new px value for anything to take affect

    .slide-container { margin-top: 0px; }


    .slide-container { margin-top: 200px; }

    Hope this helps a little more
  • Thanks Mick. Hopefully I can sort it now. Sue
  • No worries ;-)
  • Looking really good now, thanks for the input Mick. Sue
  • My pleasure Sue and glad you've got it working to its potential ;-)
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