Accordion Conflict with Page Security
  • Hello...
    This is a new thread as I hijacked someone else's in my previous query. Sorry!

    I am having an apparent conflict with the Accordion Addon and page security. The Accordion stops working and displays all accordion text when page security is enabled. Works OK when page security is disabled. The page is cv.html and the code on this page looks corrupt when page security is enabled.

    Link to page: (page security is enabled)
    Password: $jacques#

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • Correction
    Password is: $jacque#
  • Hi Ed,

    Not sure if this will work or not but worth a shot.

    In the html frag containing the code for the accordion addon, find and locate this line of code

    $(document).ready(function($) {

    Highlight this line of code and copy and replace it with the code below

    jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

    Let us know how you get on and hope it helps
  • Thanks Mick,

    This is the code that was in the fragmant:

    I added the 1st line you provided directly above:

    Saved, published and viewed, still displaying all Accordion text.
    The code in the page file is corrupt shortly after the /head tag right to the bottom of the page (all alphanumeric code with no spaces).

    Thanks for the help.
  • No idea Ed what you have added to the page to create all the encrypted code and could even be the reason things are going pear shaped, my only other advice would be to start over with the page again and add things one at a time to see if you "CAN" get things to run together without all that alphanumeric code.

    Sorry I can't advise more than this at present but I haven't see source code like yours in a very long time
  • I agree with Mick, It looks like the page content encryption is likely causing the issue. For what it's worth I'm not getting a pop-up window so that I can enter the login details?

  • Thanks Mick/Neil...
    I will do some testing and then will redo the page from scratch and see what happens. When page security is disabled, the bad code all goes away and everything is back to normal. I will post here with results of the rebuild.
  • Spot on Neil, I too have now lost and don't get any pop up login window as I did the first time I looked at Ed's link.


    To save you from many hours of testing and messing around, I can confirm that when setting a page to use the Webplus page security, this will disable the accordion addon and will probably disable any other jquery addon you may wish to use on the page with the security, I've tried it here locally and all the alphanumeric code is created by the SWR page security.

    So although maybe not the news you wanted to hear, I don't think you can run both the page security and jquery stuff. You may also want to post this over on the serif community plus forum, link below and ask what can if anything, be done to overcome this problem, it's certainly not something we can look into really as its more a software issue and not an addon issue.

    Hope this helps a little more -
  • Thanks Mick....
    I'll post on the Serif Community forum to see if they have a work around. Thanks for the help.
  • No worries ;-)
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