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  • Hi there,
    I would like to know if it's possible to add an index to the page flip addon?
    There is "previous/next page" navigation, but could there also be "page number" navigation?
    Thank you!
  • Hi Ellen,

    Unfortunately, the only navigational options with the add-on are as is, previous/next only, due to how Neil first created this add-on so it wasn't too difficult for the end user to implement within Webplus. There are other page flip/flip books available out there in the market that will add loads of other functions such as, download, view as a PDF, print etc etc, but this was only created as a bare bones no frills page flip add-on and I'm sure there will be no updates to it.

    There may however, in the future, be another kind of flip book add-on that might contain other options available to the viewer, depends totally on if Neil feels it feasible and warranted to work on a new addition to the add-on range .

    Hope this helps
  • Thank you for the fast reply Mick!
    Let's hope Neil is feeling creative soon :)
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