Page Flip opening probs after downloading
  • Hello, I'm new here and hope that this is the correct place to post my query. I've just bought and downloaded the Page Flip addon but when I try to open it from where I have saved it to, it tries to open in Serif Photo Plus X8 (which I have on my PC). I fear that I am doing something drastically incorrect and have used 2 of the 3 downloads which I am allowed! Any ideas/info/advice would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
  • Hi Simon,

    You may have some kind of misconfiguration with regards to file association on your system, a .wpack file (asset file) will not open directly with anything if double clicked on and you should be prompted by windows to ask "how" you want to open this kind of file.

    You need to open Webplus, use the assets tab and then select to "Open" the wpack file you need loading, when you click the open button, browse and locate the unzipped download and find the wpack file. Select the file and click the open button at the bottom right of the browse window. You now click the page content tab and your asset file will need dragging from the left and over onto your page. You then follow any documentation to configure the addon.

    Hope this helps
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