Where do I start?
  • I have purchased Addons 2 Collection from Serif. It has downloaded (Serif assure me). It was in my documents file! Nothing in the files deposited appear to do anything but the pdf files, which do open. Where do I start?
  • Hi Dave, many thanks for your purchase,

    I'm not sure what the download gives you for the full collection as I have only used a CD version but I would imagine there will be an installer (something .exe), once installed, open Webplus, choose the Assets tab on the left hand side of the studio window and then click on the Browse folder icon. When the Asset browser window opens, look under the heading of Pack Files, Neil Judges should show in the contents of this heading and clicking on this will open all his addons which are now added to your Webplus Asset Manager and clicking an add-on will send it over to the left where you then need to drag it back and onto your page, finally following any documentation to help configure and finalise it.

    If this doesn't answer your question, then you need to go back to Serif and ask them "how" you install the collection as they created the download installer and also the disk version, Neil only creates the add-on's themselves and has nothing to do with any installation protocols created by Serif.

    Hope this helps
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