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  • Hi Neil,

    Wanting to auto play background sounds on a page with X8, First I embedded in the site with the page set up, but because I could not control the volume its playing to loud, I know I could recode with a lower quality, but like the idea of your free Mp3 payer with volume controls.

    But can I code it to auto play?


  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for downloading :)

    Double click the HTML Code fragment for the addon and replace this section of code:

    audioWidth: '100%',
    features: ['playpause','progress','tracks','volume'],

    For this:

    audioWidth: '100%',
    startVolume: 0.3,
    features: ['playpause','progress','tracks','volume'],

    It includes this option: startVolume: 0.3,

    0.1 is volume low and 0.9 is high. 1 is the highest.

    I wouldn't recommend autoplaying audio on a website it can be very frustrating for site visitors and they're likely to click off. Also, virtually all mobile devices and tablets don't allow widgets such as these to autoplay ;)

    Hope that helps
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