Adding more pages to page-flip
  • As a novice, I would like to add more pages , what is the max number of pages that can be added? plus I would like to centre it on my web site?
  • I would like to add more pages how do I do this? what is the maximum pages that can be added? I would also like to centre page-flip on my web site. I am sure the above are easy to do but not being a software person, I don't want to screw up the addon
  • Hi Derek,

    Firstly there is no set limit to the amount of images you use in the page flip addon, you can have as many as you like, all you'll need to do if adding more than the default code allows is to replicate a full paragraph of code (copy and paste from the original code) and just adjust the image name to the new image you add to the flip page addon.

    So for instance, if adding another image you would copy code similar to below

    <img src="page-flip/01.jpg">

    And paste it after any other full paragraph of code apart from the last one, the last one actually has a 2 closing div tags </div> and needs to stay in place.

    With regards centralising the addon, providing the width of images you are using are, lets say 480px wide by 600px high, the code in the frag box needs to be double the width as your images and exactly the same for height as your images due to the addon using 2 images per full double page booklet.

    So images are 480px x 600px and the code in the html frag would be 960px x 600, then providing the frag box itself is the same size (960 x 600) there should be no reason the page flip would not be central to the page.

    Hope this helps a little.
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