Carousel Slider Add On Not Displaying Full Width
  • Hi,

    Please can you think of a reason why the Carousel Add-On does not display full-width on my draft web page here:

    Many thanks!

  • Sam,

    The only thing as far as I can see as to why the carousel slider is not full width is because you have not pasted the code needed within the right place of the source code via ALT+S

    The code given in the text file "Must" be pasted after this line of <!--Page Body Start-->

    Therefore, press ALT+S to get to the source code, locate the line of code shown above and place your cursor after the last > on that line of code and press enter to create a new white editable area, then paste the code given in the text file to this new line.

    This should then place the carousel slider by default, at the top and full width, because you may have some other image at the top, you would then need to open the small frag box on the page containing the carousel slider code and look for this line of code:

    top: 100px; /* Distance of slider from top of page */

    Change the 100 to however many pixels you want the slider to be from the top of the page and away from any default header image you may have.
  • Brilliant, that's fixed it, thanks so much Mick! Looks great now :)
  • Excellent and my pleasure, thanks for the confirmation ;-)
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