• Since I have added the nivo slider to the website the snow effect seems not to be working???? I am using the bistro template but I have added a nivo slider as I did not want to use the one that came with the template.

    I am using web x8

    Can you help


  • Steve,

    Maybe a link to the site itself my help so we can check and debug any code issues, with nothing to see or work with, it's like asking us how long a piece of string is.

    Plus also, the Bistro template comes with the Nivo slider already implemented to it on the home page and if adding the snow add-on directly to this page, they both run perfectly together as shown in Bistro & Snow My Demo so obviously you have created a jquery conflict with what you have removed and added.

    Also have a look at this thread which may or may not help further if you have added Nivo manually
  • Hi Mick

    The web address is


  • In the HTML Frag box for the Nivo slider, you will see 2 lines of code, shown below

    jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

    Delete these 2 lines and add this single line of code instead

    $(document).ready(function($) {

    Then preview and see if that cures the issue, let us know how you get on Steve
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