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  • I have installed the pop up contact form in the site master page and it appears on the side of the screen on a desk top, but on an ipad it gets lost under the page content. When trying to position it on the mobile part of the site it is not visible - perhaps again it is lost under the page content. Alos the position of the button varies depending on the page that is open. The site in question is www.jamestait.co.uk
  • Hi,

    Thanks for buying :)

    If you right click the Panel the button sits on you can then select 'HTML Source'. This will open an editable window. Scroll down to the section highlighted below:


    And replace:

    /*Add Style*/

    For this:

    z-index: 99;

    That should then always place the button above the content.

    If you have any problems, let us know.

  • Hi
    I've tried this but it makes no difference on either ipad or mobile.
  • Ian,

    I would seriously consider re-working your mobile version again because after viewing the mobile page and then accessing it via my desktop (the only way we can check mobile page code) you seem to have different variants of the pop up contact form, for instance, If I choose the home page of your mobile version - m.index0.html - I don't see the contact button, but if I view your performing page - m.perform0.html - the button is top right and again if I view your contact page - m.contact0.html - the button is in the middle of the page.

    None of any of the buttons actually found do anything when clicked on so this also makes me think the contact php file is not sitting within a directory called contact or at least the modual would load.

    One thing you could also try is to double click the frag box holding the code and the default button and uncheck (remove the tick) the option of Align Panel To Browser Window, you can now position the entire panel and it's contents to anywhere on the page and it will remain in that position but will not stay in view when scrolling but at least you can position it exactly where you want the button to be and providing you add the code correctly Neil has already given you, it should put you on the right track.
  • Mick, Neil
    Thanks for your help on this one. I've got it sorted. I need a bit more time to tidy it up but its up and running which was the priority.
  • Our pleasure ;-)
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