Full Width slider Not fitting full length of screen
  • Full width slider
  • Hi im been trying to add in the full width slider,but it does not seem to fit the full screen and only partially??
  • Silas,

    I have deleted your last post to save spamming the forum with code, please provide a link to the problematic page/site so that we can check your source code and hopefully be able to debug it and provide a solution..
  • webreef.co.za
  • Very strange, I've checked your source code and also checked to see if both the js and css files are on your server and I can't spot anything wrong myself at the moment, you'll have to wait for Neil to pick up on this thread a little later today and see if he can spot something out of the ordinary that I may have missed.
  • Hi Mick thanks for your help, I tried adding the code in the style as width: 100% but it wont budge to fit full screen length.
  • Hi Silas,

    Looks like you've just added your code to an HTML Code Fragment rather than adding the slider code via Alt + S. See section 'Adding the code' in the help file that came with the template, it should hopefully point you in the right direction.

  • Hi Neil

    Works perfect thank you......!
  • Neil's Da Man ;-) Thanks for the confirmation
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