360 slider Problem
  • After much success (see previous post) the slider stops loading at 32% have checked photos and re-installed, still stalls.
  • Hi,

    Seems to be freezing at 31% for me. Are all the images still in the same place?

    I notice you're using PNGs for your images, can you not convert them to JPGs as the file size for them would be much smaller and the slider would load much faster?

  • Hi
    All files are in the same original folder. I'd prefer to use PNG's otherwise I would lose the 'Cutout' look and have to reconfigure the whole page. It only took 4/5 seconds to load previously.
  • Chris,

    If it worked before and loaded within a few seconds, then something has certainly changed within your configuration, whether this is image attribute or image name etc, I cant really tell but after looking at your source code and its implementation of it, I cannot see anything wrong with it.

    Just for curiosity, what else have you added to this page "After" the addon was loading and working fine?

    Sometimes when adding images that contain rollover effects, Webplus decides in it's infinite wisdom to create an image map and starts to use poly coords (I see some of these in your code) and to create just a single hyperlink rather than an image map is to choose the Image Export Option and tell webplus to Exclude this picture from optimisation and to not merge with other images and also check the box to apply to hyperlink and never use an image map.

    These are just a few stabs in the dark here because like I say, I cant see any code conflicts so I think its user error rather than addon failure.

    Hope this helps a little more.
  • Many thanks Mick,
    Lots to work on there. Will pobably delete files from site and server and rebuild.
    Chris. Will let you know
  • My pleasure Chris, hope it works out for you ;-)
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